Patricia Maher for New York State Assembly District 21

Meet Pat Maher

                              Democrat for Congress 2024

                   Democratic Primary Tuesday, June 25, 2024


I grew up in East Meadow, Long Island and I am a current resident of Baldwin. I am the daughter of nurse who went back to school and received her Doctorate at the age of 57 from Columbia University. I was always very impressed by my mother. Back then, in the late 60's and 70's, it wasn't the standard for women to receive a Doctorate. I followed in her footsteps and went to law school late in life and received my J.D. and then an LL.M. in Health Law and Policy. I currently live in Baldwin.

My parents were divorced when I very young, and it was just my mother, sister and me. I grew up in a very small house, There was a running joke in my family, three giant steps and you were out the back door. But we did just fine. I grew up believing that a woman could become whatever she wanted, including an elected official.

I defied the powers to be and won two democratic primaries to be the democratic nominee for Nassau County Legislature in Nassau County. That wasn't easy, because unlike New York City, primaries were not very acceptable on Long Island. 

I have been a democratic committeewoman for over 18 years and one of the founding board members of the newly revived Baldwin Democratic Club 2023 and the current vice-president.  I want to see us take the house back and shake up Washington D.C. 

Help me do it. They need a little shaking up.

The 4th C.D. has always been a blue seat for almost two decades until last year, when the democratic nominee lost it by almost 10,000 votes. There is another candidate in this race that does not live in the district and a couple of outliers. 

I will win this primary, just like I did before. 


“A woman’s right to choose, student loan debt crisis, affordable health care and common sense gun safety reforms are all issues that can all be addressed in Congress. Long Island is oppressed with high taxes and a lack of affordable home ownership.  I will find viable solutions so both you and I can afford to live on Long Island and the next generation will not have to leave.”



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June 25, 2024, Vote in the Democratic Primary
for New York State Assembly District 21.

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